How to deploy single exe application (?)

Mike Parker aldacron at
Mon Nov 29 07:29:35 UTC 2021

On Sunday, 28 November 2021 at 22:45:29 UTC, Willem wrote:

>     // load sdl
>     string uuid = randomUUID().toString();
>     string filename = format("SDL2-%s.dll", uuid);
>     string depacked = buildPath(tempDir(), filename);
>     std.file.write(depacked, sdlBytes);
>     DerelictSDL2.load(depacked);
>     // load curl
>     string uuid2 = randomUUID().toString();
>     string filename2 = format("libcurl-%s.dll", uuid2);
>     string depacked2 = buildPath(tempDir(), filename2);
>     std.file.write(depacked2, curlBytes);
>     DerelictSDL2.load(depacked2);

`DerelictSDL2.load()` cannot load curl. It is not a generic dll 
loader. It only loads SDL and doesn't know anything about curl or 
any other library.

In order to dynamically load curl like this, you need a binding 
that supports it, i.e., a binding that declares the curl API as 
function pointers and knows how to load them from the DLL.

Also, DerelictSDL2 is no longer maintained. Please use bindbc-sdl 
for new projects:

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