Comping a Musl-linked druntime & phobos?

Mathias LANG pro.mathias.lang at
Thu Aug 25 01:52:15 UTC 2022

On Thursday, 25 August 2022 at 01:45:50 UTC, TheGag96 wrote:
> Hi, all. Has anyone had any success compiling a Musl-linked 
> druntime and phobos? I haven't had any luck so far. I'm running 
> Linux Mint x64.
> Somewhat related - using `-target=x86_64-linux-musl` with dmd 
> master doesn't even set the version `CRuntime_Musl`. I asked 
> about this in the Discord, and I was told by Horo:
>> dmd 2.096 worked well for me. Same for gdc, haven't tried ldc. 
>> There is/was a bug that was introduced recently in druntime 
>> that broke musl but the older versions should work fine
> 2.096 doesn't have the `-target` option, and 2.097.0-2.098.0 
> don't even build properly for me. Using LDC to build works of 
> course, but only with `-betterC` (i.e. no druntime/phobos).

Thinks should mostly work. There is some issues with stack 
traces, but I don't remember the details. Check what Alpine Linux 
is doing:

Note that the `target` should not be required:

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