@safe SQL database on Windows

Mateus de Lima Oliveira m4t3uz at outlook.com
Sat Feb 12 19:03:09 UTC 2022

I'm trying to use a SQL database with vibe.d on Windows. I'd like 
to write fully @safe code on Windows. I know I could just use 
@trusted but I need to be sure that the library code can be 
trusted. It would be nice if the library is also somewhat popular 
so I know it won't just be forgotten and never be supported. I've 
tried many libraries including the following:

   * mysql-native seems nice except for the @system code;
   * derelict-pq is also @system and requires a wrapping for using 
D types additionaly;
   * dpq2 is @system and tries to link to pq.lib instead of 
libpq.lib and the lib directory inside the postgresql 
installation needs to be included in PATH.

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