Best practice for dub registry package and module names

Ali Çehreli acehreli at
Sun Sep 4 03:50:56 UTC 2022

On 9/3/22 20:39, Ali Çehreli wrote:

For example, there is fixedsizearray, which does not belong to any package:

On the other hand, arsd-official:minigui does have a package. (And that 
answers a question: Dash character is acceptable in package and module 

How does that work? When the following dependency added to a user's project,

   "arsd-official:minigui": "~>10.9.1"

does dub pull the entirety of arsd-official and then use minigui module 
from it? I think so, because minigui has dependencies to the same 
package which are (I think) not specifiable in dub.

So, if I register the C package, B and A will be available under it and 
the users can use A and B. I think I need to get used to the feeling of 
wastefulness for pulling the entire package. :/


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