Dub is not finding the dynamic link library MSVCR120.dll...

WhatMeworry kheaser at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 21:24:00 UTC 2023

On Monday, 20 February 2023 at 01:04:25 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> Any error about a missing DLL is a run-time error that's 
> unrelated to dub or the compiler.
> Normally, for end users, a missing MSVC runtime DLL means you 
> have to install the MSVC Redistributable package. This version 
> of the DLL you're missing is from MSVC 2013, so that's the 
> version of the package you'd need.
> However, I wonder what's causing the problem in the first 
> place. Do you have Visual Studio installed, or are you using 
> the out-of-the-box libraries and linker that ship with DMD?

Thanks for setting me straight. I'm trying to make  D application 
that you can just download and start up. Hopefully with having to 
install D first or the DLL. I see that msvc120.dll is in the same 
directory as dmd.exe.and dub.exe.

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