Using Windbg to debug D applications and unittests

solidstate1991 laszloszeremi at
Sat Feb 25 20:03:59 UTC 2023

On Saturday, 25 February 2023 at 19:55:27 UTC, evilrat wrote:
> Nothing happens without a reason, check your project settings 
> and make sure that for debugging you have correct paths, 
> command, and arguments.
> Even with no debug info and no project you can just drop an 
> executable to an empty VS window and start debugging it, at the 
> very least it can show disassembly.
> If there is .pdb files with debug info next to your executable 
> you can just drag and drop your D source files and then add 
> breakpoints in that source files and it will work.

Well, it was that.

I'll try to get GDB running, since I got so fed up with MS's own 

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