Python-like tabs instead of curley brackets?

Leandro Lucarella llucarella at
Fri Dec 1 05:03:21 PST 2006

Daniel Giddings escribió:
> Get an editor that understands Python ;-) Most will either use whatever 
> that code block uses, or highlight the problem indentation in bright red.
> Personally I much prefer the Python way of doing indentation, after all 
> you indent your code anyway making the curly braces somewhat redundant 
> (and I program about equally in C/C++ and Python).

And I found all the people who don't like indent blocks is people that 
doesn't use them for too long. Sure at first is horrible, shocking, but 
when you get used to, there's no way back.

Bracket (and sentence terminators) are syntactic noise[1].


Leandro Lucarella
Integratech S.A.

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