Walter's annoying habits

janderson askme at
Sat Dec 16 22:34:25 PST 2006


All these seem petty to me, like complaining about someones formating 
style.  If its useful then that's 100% better then not having it.

Ok, maybe slightly off topic:

Just my opinion,
Knew one guy who spent a week reformatting (no design patterns just tabs 
and naming conversions) everyone else code, and how did that help the 
project?  As a further frustration some other coder who decided that his 
formating style was superior so re-did the entire code style again a 
month later.  While these programmers where obviously not professional I 
wonder how far the project would have got if their time had actually 
been spend fixing bugs or adding features.

Its all about making efficient use of ones time. Spending hours browsing 
fixing typos is not a good use of time.  And it won't save much time in 
the future (unlike good conventions on code design).  Also who knows 
when the page will completely change.  Users who spot things like 
spelling mistakes should report them, and Walter can get to them when 
he's working on that page.

Now playing devils advocate now, people can be petty, and unfortunately 
  D needs every user it can get.  I find this gen is strong with 
programmers.  Therefore the quality of the D website (spelling ect...) 
can turn these people types away.


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