Coolest D features

Walter Bright newshound at
Tue Dec 26 23:53:56 PST 2006

Andrei Alexandrescu (See Website For Email) wrote:
> Say you wanted to introduce a programmer friend to D. She might know one 
> of D's sibling languages (Java, C, C++, or C#), but you shouldn't rely 
> too much on that. What features of D would you describe first to hook 
> that friend in?

For me, it's hard to pinpoint any particular feature or two. It's the 
combination of features that makes the cake, not the sugar, flour or 
baking powder. So,

1) My programs come together faster and have fewer bugs.
2) Once written, the programs are easier to modify.
3) I can do (1) and (2) without giving up performance.

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