Coolest D features

Sean Kelly sean at
Wed Dec 27 12:20:21 PST 2006

renoX wrote:
> Mike Parker a écrit :
>> Being a long time Java programmer, I strongly disagree with you and 
>> Waldemar both. Speed is only an issue for people who don't use Java, 
>> or for those who don't really know how to properly write software with 
>> it.
> Note that the "people who don't know to write software" include even 
> Sun: in Solaris9, Sun rewrote the administration tools in Java, the result?
> Well, the tools were so slow, that I learned to use the command-line 
> tools instead of the GUI, because they were so damn slow that each time 
> I used these tool, I was really pissed-off by the slowness..

The new Sun debugger (SunStudio) is the same way.  It has a lot of nice 
features, but is so slow I end up doing most of my debugging in emacs 
with dbx.  One of these days I'll take the time to turn off the bits 
that are killing performance and give it another try.


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