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Georg Wrede georg.wrede at
Sat Dec 30 14:11:01 PST 2006

Chris Nicholson-Sauls wrote:
> Serg Kovrov wrote:
>> Jeff wrote:
>>> I am not very impressed by Python's docs.  The best docs that I've 
>>> seen are the PHP docs because of commenting and excellent examples.
>> Second that.
>> PHP docs are well organized. Personally, I find it extremely 
>> intuitive. As far as I remember, it takes near no time to find what I 
>> want without knowing exact names or using search.
>> Contrarily, Python docs are plain hell to work with.
> I cannot count the number of times I've filled up a full instance of 
> Firefox with a dozen tabs or so, all open to PHP doc files.  It is 
> indeed intuitive.  (And the comments are often just as useful as the 
> docs themselves!  For example: PHP has no is_assoc() to go along with 
> is_array()... but look at the comments for the docs on is_array() and 
> you can find a few examples of is_assoc() implementations right there.)
> I'd be quite jolly to see a similar approach to the D docs, along with 
> the "as of version X" descriptors, etc.

Picture this: two guys, each with their own web site, compete on world 
dominance on D documentation customer satisfaction. One is an absolute D 
guru and an average PHP programmer, the other is an absolute PHP guru 
and an average D programmer. Who'd you bet on? My bet's on the latter.

It's the infra that counts. But I'll come back to this once I've sobered 
up from the D 1.0 champagne which I'll drink to instead of the New Year. 
Too bad my local store doesn't carry Bollinger. ;-)

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