The D Style and tab sizes

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Sun Sep 10 13:43:59 PDT 2006

On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 12:38:42 -0700, "Unknown W. Brackets"
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>In D's current style, you are forcing a width on them: you believe that 
>indentation must be 4 spaces, and so everyone must conform to that.  If 
>someone prefers 8 spaces, 3 spaces, or 6 spaces... too bad.  Sucks to be 
>them.  They have to live with YOUR style.

That would be true if the compiler enforced the style rules. But
Walter can only enforce his rules within his project - his right,
common sense, and I'm sure his main intent.

My habit is to indent two spaces at a time. I've posted some snippets
in that style. No-one has complained. But if I was contributing to the
compiler or library, I'd expect to follow the rules.

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