VST -> VSD (was: Re: I've found the first thing in D that REALLY got on my nerves)

mike vertex at gmx.at
Thu Sep 14 15:59:20 PDT 2006

Am 14.09.2006, 14:58 Uhr, schrieb Max Samuha <maxter at i.com.ua>:

> I can't beleive that anybody except me is trying to write a VST host
> in D! :). I was thinking of a way to call the VST plugin from D
> through the C function pointer and was going to ask the NG members for
> help but mike was nice enough to do that for me! Isn't it a miracle?

Hehe ... and there I thought I was the only one that had that idea :-)

When you're working with VST too ... any interest in setting up a VST API  
project on dsource.org for VST plugin developers? I was thinking of doing  
that since I've converted most of the header files anyway, but I'm stuck  
with some PHP and VBA development at the moment. I think that could be a  
good thing for D, getting all those freeware VST developers interested in  
the language.


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