mike vertex at gmx.at
Wed Sep 20 08:47:12 PDT 2006

Am 19.09.2006, 09:00 Uhr, schrieb Max Samuha <maxter at i.com.ua>:

> i was not planning to convert anything other than aeffect.h and
> aeffectx.h. IMO, this is quite a trivial task and apparently doesn't
> require a separate project at dsource. I'm developing a lightweight
> real-time VST host with freely routable signal paths. The whole thing
> is totally experimental and there is still not much to share with the
> community. Actually, nothing but scanning for plugins and extracting
> information about them for now.

Yeah, you're right. And after seeing how much stuff is there in the  
C++ side of the SDK ... no, better invest time in the project itself.
I'm also currently only extracting info, working on the UI for now, until  
I can at least build some simple setups for testing. I'm writing a host  
oriented for realtime composing and live improvisation, with OSC  
integration (MIDI should be dead by now, really). Got nothing fancy  
either, just a window with some basic controls and a console full of  
debugging messages :)


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