Why I like D

bearophile bearophileHUGS at lycos.com
Fri Dec 5 07:56:14 PST 2008

Nick Sabalausky:
> bearophile:
> > But the dynamic languages allow you to save time in other ways.
> I'd argue that most of those time-saving things are things that have 
> absolutely nothing to do with dynamic typing and are perfectly possible with 
> static typing.

I mostly agree, what I wanted to write is "But Python allows me to save time in other ways".
There isn't a single cause of my speed of writing correct programs in Python, and probably nearly all of such causes can be reproduced in static languages too, with some work and care (but both languages Boo and C#4 show that sometimes duck typing may help reduce the 'pressure' coming from a rigid typing system. A flexible type system like Haskell one may not require this). Maybe someday someone will create such ensemble of good qualities (often coming from the standard library, the good choice of names in various things, keeping simple things simple, from things like the list comprehension syntax, etc).


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