Java's development cycle

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Tue Dec 9 14:30:00 PST 2008

"Paul D. Anderson" <paul.d.removethis.anderson at> wrote in 
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> Sun has announced that their next language release, Java 7, which was 
> expected in 2008 will now occur sometime in 2010. The big changes that 
> were expected were the additions of closures and properties. Neither of 
> those seems likely now. The focus for the next release now seems to be 
> modularity, but it looks to me like it's one of those "everybody thinks 
> it's a good idea, but nobody wants to do it the same way" kind of 
> problems, which was the big problem with closures.
> To be fair, they have released a significant update, Java 6 update 10, and 
> a new scripting language, Java FX Script,  built on the JVM. But it just 
> seems like the language and the community have gotten so big  and 
> unwieldly that it can't evolve any more. Like everyone else, Sun is 
> looking for "the next Java".
> Of course, participants in this forum know that "the next Java" is already 
> here...
> Paul

Java was dead to me the moment I discovered C# (which was before I came 
across D). And even before that, I considered Java a suitable replacement 
for C++ *only* in occasional circumstances. Ever since then, Java's 
enourmous popularity has just sickened me. Although, to it's credit, there 
are certainly worse languages in heavy use (PHP, VBScript). 

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