Java's development cycle

Robert Fraser fraserofthenight at
Tue Dec 9 17:22:33 PST 2008

Paul D. Anderson wrote:
> Sun has announced that their next language release, Java 7, which was expected in 2008 will now occur sometime in 2010. The big changes that were expected were the additions of closures and properties. Neither of those seems likely now. The focus for the next release now seems to be modularity, but it looks to me like it's one of those "everybody thinks it's a good idea, but nobody wants to do it the same way" kind of problems, which was the big problem with closures.
> To be fair, they have released a significant update, Java 6 update 10, and a new scripting language, Java FX Script,  built on the JVM. But it just seems like the language and the community have gotten so big  and unwieldly that it can't evolve any more. Like everyone else, Sun is looking for "the next Java".
> Of course, participants in this forum know that "the next Java" is already here...
> Paul

There are better languages than Java. And the way Java seems to be used 
these days is as an enterprisey elephant, not the lithe "Smalltalk with 
C syntax" it was originally imagined to be. But that's mostly a 
reflection on the current development environment than anything else. 
I'm glad Java isn't "evolving" a huge amount. There are a lot of great 
language features, but C# and D are starting to look like monsters with 
their "everything in the kitchen sink" approach (c.f. C++). In Java, 
there's usually one way to do something. Sure, occasionally that way 
doesn't fit, but more often than not, it's better than having 10 ways, 
none of which are used consistently.

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