More phpBB like forum?

Walter Bright newshound1 at
Tue Dec 9 19:13:54 PST 2008

Jarrett Billingsley wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 2:24 PM, Walter Bright
>>> This whole client-side state thingy bothers me quite a bit as well.
>> Yeah, but if it's all on the server (like reddit, slashdot) there's another
>> problem. If you're engaged in an active topic, there's no way to quickly
>> scan the page to see if anything new is posted. There's no way to tell what
>> you've read and what you haven't.
> Have you used a web forum?  They show you precisely what you have and
> haven't read.

Yes, I've used them. Reddit, Digg, Stackoverflow, and Slashdot do *not* 
show you what you have and have not read. I've used other fora too, and 
they don't show either. They'll show what *thread* I've clicked on 
before, but not what I've read. (And how could they, when all the 
messages are expanded on one page?)

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