More phpBB like forum?

Jarrett Billingsley jarrett.billingsley at
Tue Dec 9 20:26:46 PST 2008

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 10:13 PM, Walter Bright
<newshound1 at> wrote:
> Yes, I've used them. Reddit, Digg, Stackoverflow, and Slashdot do *not* show
> you what you have and have not read. I've used other fora too, and they
> don't show either. They'll show what *thread* I've clicked on before, but
> not what I've read. (And how could they, when all the messages are expanded
> on one page?)

No no, those aren't forums.  Those are more or less glorified threaded
comments.  I'm talking about actual bulletin-board forum software -
phpBB, YaBB, SMF, etc.  Like the kind at dsource.

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