More phpBB like forum?

Walter Bright newshound1 at
Thu Dec 11 11:38:08 PST 2008

Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:
> It is up to you to use twitter for something useful - saying there is
> nothing useful on twitter is like saying there is nothing useful on
> blogs. Not everyone write blogs about their last cup of tea, and
> neither do everyone tweet about it. In particular I know that many
> open source projects use twitter as a way to collect mini-reports
> from the community, and do mini-reporting themselves aka "just added
> the l33t feature foo too app bar".

I just can't imagine real time reports of adding a line of code/feature 
to a product would be useful. The timescale is at issue - to add a 
feature to a significant product requires coding (which may take days) 
followed by testing (many hours). Would anyone be hanging on twitter 
waiting for this?

That said, twitter might be useful if you're at a conference and want to 
know where your buds are headed for dinner or who is right now giving a 
talk that is interesting.

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