Basic benchmark

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Sun Dec 14 09:59:20 PST 2008

Lindquist and another gentle person on IRC have given their timings relative to the D and C versions of the 'nbody' code I have shown in the attach in the precedent email (they have tested the first D code version only).

Timings N=20_000_000, on an athlon64 x2 3800+ CPU:
  gcc: 10.8  s
  ldc: 14.2  s
  dmd: 15.5  s


Timings N=10_000_000, on an AMD 2500+ CPU:
  gcc:  8.78 s
  ldc: 12.26 s
  dmd: 13.9  s
  gdc:  9.82 s

Compiler arguments used on the AMD 2500+ CPU:
  GCC: -O3 -s -fomit-frame-pointer
  DMD: -release -O
  GDC: -O3 -s -fomit-frame-pointer
  LDC: -ofmain -O3 -release -inline

This time the results seems good enough to me.

This benchmark is relative to FP computations, the faster language for this naive physics simulation is Fortran90, as can be seen in the later pages of the Shootout).
(I'd like to test one last one, the 'recursive' benchmark, but it's for later).


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