Hello .NET, D Here Calling

bearophile bearophileHUGS at lycos.com
Mon Dec 22 14:35:51 PST 2008

Walter Bright:

>Yes (but it will be .net assembly code, not x86 assembly).<

I see, this is curious :-) And is inlining dotnet IL useful for something? :-)

>All it is is expanding D's domain.<

I understand the point, and you are right.

>Advanced generative and metaprogramming capabilities for starters.<

Uhmmmm... So far I don't see much advantages of using D# over C#. In C# you even have advanced (and recently easy enough to use too) ways to even generate code at run time. So I am not convinced yet.


How can the dotnet GC support all the capabilities of D code? :-)

I think SafeD# can run pretty well on dotnet. It can even use the dotnet GC to its fullest, if SafeD# is well implemented.

Note that there are ways to translate dotnet IL to VM asm of the JavaVM, so later you may be able to run this D# on the JVM too.


Steven Schveighoffer:

>What is the advantage you see here?<

You don't need a huge VM to run them. I know lot of people don't care of this, so please ignore me.

>I think D's syntax is far superior to C#<

I have already listed several advantages of C# over D and more can be written. So I don't agree much.


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