Hello .NET, D Here Calling

Steven Schveighoffer schveiguy at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 14:49:24 PST 2008

"bearophile" wrote
> Steven Schveighoffer:
>>What is the advantage you see here?<
> You don't need a huge VM to run them. I know lot of people don't care of 
> this, so please ignore me.

that is a good point.  But you are also right that I don't care :)  I 
already have to have .net for many other things so the space penalty is a 
wash anyways.

>>I think D's syntax is far superior to C#<
> I have already listed several advantages of C# over D and more can be 
> written. So I don't agree much.

foreach in C# sucks compared to D
arrays in C# suck compared to D
no auto (at least in VS2005) (this is alleviated a lot by the Visual Studio 
IDE though)
virtual functions require a 'virtual' marker.
overriding virtual functions requires an 'override' marker
delegates suck compared to D.

Basically, when I start working on C# programs after working on D programs, 
I find myself REALLY missing some of these syntaxes (esp. arrays).  Note 
that it's not that the features are *missing*, it's that *using* the 
features is not as nice.  Let's face it, all .net programs boil down to the 
same code anways, it's the syntax that makes the differences.


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