dmd platform support - poll

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Fri Dec 26 05:12:22 PST 2008

"Chad J" <gamerchad at> wrote in message 
news:gj1uou$1ctu$1 at
> Walter Bright wrote:
>> Chad J wrote:
>>> Or, better yet:
>>> Cross-platform C code.
>>> Get me that and I have a lot less reason to even care about the others.
>> The problem with generating C code is: exception handling
> At any rate, please don't just give up on this!  GAME CONSOLES Walter!
> ;)

Yea, I've always seen videogames as one of the biggest and best applictions 
for D, and the main one that originally got me excited for it. But without 
the ability to use it on game-consoles/embedded-cpus/microcontrollers, it'll 
never be worthwhile for most developers. They'd be forced into just one 
platform, the PC (In this case, I'm including Mac as a "Personal Computer"). 

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