dmd platform support - poll

Yigal Chripun yigal100 at
Fri Dec 26 18:24:47 PST 2008

Tim Keating wrote:
> Yigal Chripun Wrote:
>> personally I don't see a point in JVM/.NET - One of the best
>> things about D is that you get the ease of use of Ruby/python/etc
>> with the benefits of native compiling like in c/c++. Why throw that
>> away and make yet another version of Java/C# ?
> Supporting .net would give you access to the most modern and probably
> best-currently-supported Windows API. It would, if you counted Mono,
> add a very nice cross-platform UI framework. Finally, depending on
> what version was supported, it might enable you to write Silverlight
> apps in D, permitting flash-like apps that run cross-functionally in
> a web browser.
> TK

You missed my point entirely. One of the major benefits of using D is 
that you get the convinience of Ruby/Python and the speed of a natively 
compiled language. using D on .net removes this very important benefit.
All the things you mentioned above can be acomplished already with C# or 
any other .net language (visual C++) with the support of MS and all the 
tools already available for it.
the most important benefit of D is the fact that it's natively compiled. 
remove that and you'll get a roughly equivalent language to C#. at least 
that's my opinion.

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