dmd platform support - poll

Tim Keating mrtact at
Tue Dec 30 14:14:00 PST 2008

Christopher Wright Wrote:

> Tim Keating wrote:
> > Supporting .net would give you access to the most modern and probably best-currently-supported Windows API. It would, if you counted Mono, add a very nice cross-platform UI framework. Finally, depending on what version was supported, it might enable you to write Silverlight apps in D, permitting flash-like apps that run cross-functionally in a web browser.
> Cross-platform UI framework? You're talking about GTK#, right?

I think you forgot a smiley :-)

But on the off-chance you're serious... I meant WinForms (or, as of .Net 3, WPF, which -- on pain of getting lynched in this newsgroup -- is the most powerful and flexible UI framework I've ever seen).

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