dmd platform support - poll

John Reimer terminal.node at
Tue Dec 30 14:43:56 PST 2008

Hello Tim,

> Christopher Wright Wrote:
>> Tim Keating wrote:
>>> Supporting .net would give you access to the most modern and
>>> probably best-currently-supported Windows API. It would, if you
>>> counted Mono, add a very nice cross-platform UI framework. Finally,
>>> depending on what version was supported, it might enable you to
>>> write Silverlight apps in D, permitting flash-like apps that run
>>> cross-functionally in a web browser.
>> Cross-platform UI framework? You're talking about GTK#, right?
> I think you forgot a smiley :-)
> But on the off-chance you're serious... I meant WinForms (or, as of
> .Net 3, WPF, which -- on pain of getting lynched in this newsgroup --
> is the most powerful and flexible UI framework I've ever seen).

He he.... Thankfully, it takes much more than that to get lynched in this 
newsgroup (sometimes).  Even so, you're sure to have a least a few people 
come to your rescue before the deed could be done.   There's enough diversity 
in here to guarantee that, even if it's not always popular to applaud MS 
technologies. ;)

Anyway, for those of us who are unfamiliar with WinForms, the question would 
be whether or not WinForms works on Mono.  A quick google seems to indicate 
that WinForms is, at least, partially implemented on Mono.


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