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Yigal Chripun yigal100 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 08:50:30 PDT 2008

John Reimer wrote:
> Hello Yigal,
>> "pain of eternal damnation" does not exist in the bible or in the
>> Jewish
>> faith.
> Maybe you should have another thorough look at the Bible... and the new
> testament. :)
> Your choice of quoted words indeed may not be there, but the concept is
> very clear throughout the new Testament.
> And I do wonder at your unusual representation of Satan, God, and angels
> ..  Concerning your description of Satan and his role under God, this is
> in complete contradiction to what the Old Testament (or New) says (see
> Job in old).  So I assume these are Jewish traditions compiled by Rabbis
> separately that you are referring to?
> Incidentally, some angels do have wings: the ark of the covenant was
> symbolic of that (also see Ezekial). ;)  Other than that, does it really
> matter if some do or don't.  :)  Perhaps you are just answering popular
> cultures representation of them.
> -JJR

did you even bother to read my message fully??
did you not notice I was trying to give a _JEWISH_ perspective??
and yes, the new testament is _not_ part of the bible. "The bible" means
of course the original version 1.0 Hebrew Edition. Did you ever read
that? I am. We are taught bible lessons in school (here in Israel) since
it is an integral part of our history.
I'm referring to the meaning in the bible _and_ the Jewish tradition
based on it. that meaning was either lost in translation or was changed
by Christian tradition. the issue is that your concepts which you
believe are different from similar Jewish concepts.

Did you read Job? did you read the original Hebrew version? I have at
school. we spent a whole year on that. if you want to discuss Job
further feel free to contact me personally.

many things in the bible require interpretation and are not clear to
people who speak the original language (Hebrew) and yet you claim that
your translation is more accurate? you do realize that your bible is
translated based on Jewish interpretation, right?

the most trivial example: the English bible contains the word "Lord" yet
the original does not. rather the word is יהוה which as I said in a
different post no one knows how to pronounce it or what it means.
According to Jewish translation we say אדוני when we see this word and
this is again not accurately translated to "Lord". So, now you can claim
something based on your version that doesn't even appear in the text!

Feel free to believe what you want. I do not try to convince you to
convert or anything.

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