RFC: naming for FrontTransversal and Transversal ranges

bearophile bearophileHUGS at lycos.com
Fri May 1 17:36:31 PDT 2009

Bill Baxter:
> Much more often the discussion on the numpy list takes the form of
> "how do I make this loop faster" becuase loops are slow in Python so
> you have to come up with clever transformations to turn your loop into
> array ops.  This is thankfully a problem that D array libs do not
> have.  If you think of it as a loop, go ahead and implement it as a
> loop.

Sigh! Already today, and even more tomorrow, this is often false for D too. In my computer I have a cheap GPU that is sleeping while my D code runs. Even my other core sleeps. And I am using one core at 32 bits only.
You will need ways to data-parallelize and other forms of parallel processing. So maybe nornmal loops will not cuti it. I think the best way to go is following the ideas of the Chapel language I have shown a bit here:


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