Massive loss for D on Tiobe

grauzone none at
Wed May 6 12:30:52 PDT 2009

Georg Wrede wrote:
> D made the May headline on Tiobe: "Programming language D suffers sharp 
> fall". You can say that again, D went down 5 places, to below languges 
> like RPG(OS/400) and ABAP!
> D's loss seems unbelievable. D now has a 0.628% share, which is even 
> less than what it's lost (-0.82%) in the last 12 months. What could be 
> the reasons for it? Is it even possible to figure out any reason??
> Can this loss induce people to abandon D, and others to not take it up, 
> leading to cumulating losses in the coming months? What do we have to do 
> to prevent this?

Now flame away.

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