Massive loss for D on Tiobe

dsimcha dsimcha at
Wed May 6 12:56:43 PDT 2009

== Quote from Georg Wrede (georg.wrede at's article
> D made the May headline on Tiobe: "Programming language D suffers sharp
> fall". You can say that again, D went down 5 places, to below languges
> like RPG(OS/400) and ABAP!
> D's loss seems unbelievable. D now has a 0.628% share, which is even
> less than what it's lost (-0.82%) in the last 12 months. What could be
> the reasons for it? Is it even possible to figure out any reason??
> Can this loss induce people to abandon D, and others to not take it up,
> leading to cumulating losses in the coming months? What do we have to do
> to prevent this?

This fully convinces me that the Tiobe index should not be taken at face value.
How does a language hit an all time high and a multiyear low within 2 months of
each other?  At best the Tiobe index is an unbiased but extremely high variance
estimator of language popularity, and meaningful results can only be produced by
averaging results over a period much longer than a month.  At worst, it's so
biased that it's just plain garbage.

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