What's the current state of D?

grauzone none at example.net
Fri May 8 11:35:34 PDT 2009

Walter Bright wrote:
> Steve Teale wrote:
>> This is the sort of answer that will kill D. The guy comes back after
>> 2 years, asks a straight question, and get's told "business as usual,
>> we're still arguing among ourselves about what it should be".
>> Maybe Tiobe is right! Lots of others may not even bother to ask. They
>> just visit the newsgroup, read a page of it, and conclude "same old,
>> same old", and go away.
>> D should be D, not maybe 1.043, or let's wait a while and see what
>> happens with D2. Potential real users hate uncertainty. If they are
>> going to commit, then D must do so too.
> What bothers me about this sentiment is that every other mainstream 
> language undergoes revision, sometimes major ones, but that never seems 
> to be an excuse for people to not use it.
> For example, C++ is quite in flux with C++0x.
> The only languages that are not undergoing revision are dead ones.

But C++ programs still compile and run correctly with C++0x compilers. I 
bet none of the projects on dsource are even compilable with dmd2 (even 
if they were written for D2.0). And _many_ projects probably need minor 
fixes, before they compile with the latest dmd1 compiler.

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