When will D1 be finished?

Luís Marques luismarques at gmail.com
Mon May 11 09:48:28 PDT 2009

Stewart Gordon wrote:
> All this D2 work seems to have detracted from the task of finishing off D1.

As someone who as tried to use D in non-hobby projects, I want to add 
that I reasonably agree with the sentiment.

When D1 was declared finished I thought it meant it would progress to a 
stable state, with nearly all non-minor problems fixed and a large set 
of companion libraries. I'm afraid I don't see that happening at an 
animating rate.

My feeling is that D1 is being finished at a best-effort rate, with D2 
taking much of the time. That leaves D1 as still being a somewhat risky, 
unpractical proposition for many "real-world" project (and D2 as the 
admittedly moving-target). This will always be true for a non-mainstream 
language, but it doesn't have to be to this extent. Good strides have 
been made with Learn to Tango with D, the Mac and BSD port, etc. But, 
for me, it would be more important to make sure that what currently 
exists is production-ready.

I guess that's the point. Who currently thinks that D1 is 
production-ready, or is consistently getting there, and how long till it 
gets there?

Best luck for the trip!


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