Migrating to Shared

dsimcha dsimcha at yahoo.com
Thu May 14 12:56:28 PDT 2009

== Quote from Leandro Lucarella (llucax at gmail.com)'s article
> BCS, el 14 de mayo a las 16:48 me escribiste:
> > Hello bobef,
> >
> > >Walter Bright Wrote:
> > >>I wrote a brief article which should help:
> > >>http://www.digitalmars.com/d/2.0/migrate-to-shared.html
> > >__gshared, __etc. These look ugly IMHO. :)
> >
> > I think that's the point: they look ugly because they are ugly.
> I prefer normal keywords for standard things (keywords or symbols starting
> with __ are historically reserved for compiler specific features or even
> private stuff in Python). For __gshared I agree that it's something ugly
> and it's fine if it looks ugly.
> But __traits?! Come on! __traits is beutiful, it deserves a beutiful
> keyword ;)

True.  I think I subconsciously avoid anything with an __ in front of it because
to me the connotation of an __ is "Only works if the stars align just right.
We're trying to scare you away from this feature for a reason.  Here be monsters."
 If traits, excuse me, __traits, is stable enough not to deserve this connotation,
then it absolutely deserves its own keyword.

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