bmp/png libs?

Rainer Deyke rainerd at
Thu May 14 20:08:37 PDT 2009

Nick Sabalausky wrote:
> Yea, this is pretty much the key.  Even if nothing else, it's at least 
> useful *because* it's popular. In other words, the same reason why any audio 
> app realisticlly needs to support MP3 even though MP3 is probably the single 
> worst lossy audio codec out there (an assertion which, by the way, I would 
> love to be proven wrong about, just you know, so I don't pop a vein every 
> time I think about "average joe" and music players...). 

mp3 is the worst lossy lossy audio compression codec precisely because
it is so popular that it managed to kill off all of its competitors
except those that have a strong advantage over mp3.  You don't hear
about au files or mp2 files anymore.

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