assignment: left-to-right or right-to-left evaluation?

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Fri May 15 16:10:25 PDT 2009

Georg Wrede:

> arra[i] = arrb[i++];
> arra[i++] = arrb[i];
> I'm not sure that such dependences are good code.
> By stating a definite order between lvalue and rvalue, you
> would actually encourage this kind of code.

I agree that putting such things in code is bad, but nowadays the solution adopted by C is Just Wrong. To help avoid bugs from your programs the language has to avoid undefined behaviors (this is one of the lessons of Java).
So the solutions are to define such behaviors as Andrei suggests, or to forbid such code. I can accept both ways.
I am used to Python and I think I can appreciate the Python solution better, but the Java solution too is better than having undefined behavior in a modern language.
So thank you Andrei for this work.


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