foreach (x; a .. b) and foreach_reverse (x; a .. b) should be disallowed

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at
Sun May 17 18:49:51 PDT 2009

Jason House wrote:
> Andrei Alexandrescu Wrote:
>> Consider:
>> foreach (x; 1.0 .. 4.1) writeln(x); foreach_reverse (x; 1.0 .. 4.1)
>> writeln(x);
>> This sucks. foreach with interval for floating-point types should
>> be disallowed.
>> Andrei
> I agree that makes little sense.
> I'm curious, why the sudden pruning of features? Can you please
> consider removing SFINAE? I'd also love to see is expressions go the
> way of the dinosaur. I don't know what their replacement should look
> like, but there _has_ to be a better and less error prone syntax!

I'm ready to submit the first 121 pages of TDPL to Rough Cuts. Those 
include an introductory chapter, expressions, and statements. It's hard 
for me to explain how I feel when I must write about features that I 
just know are straight wrong. I understand Hal now!

Walter has been very accommodating, huge props to him. He is working on 
eliminating narrowing conversions for integrals, with a very cool scheme 
that eliminates most unnecessary narrowing casts.

SFINAE sucks and I hope will be removed too. I don't feel very strongly 
about is().


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