"with" still sucks + removing features + adding features

Jarrett Billingsley jarrett.billingsley at gmail.com
Tue May 19 08:29:41 PDT 2009

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 8:37 AM, Georg Wrede <georg.wrede at iki.fi> wrote:

>> So '1.' and '.1'  are legal numbers in D? I would have assumed that any
>> numerical literal with a decimal point would require at least one digit on
>> both sides of the decimal point. Not sure I see a good reason for this not
>> to be required.
> Agreed. Saving ink in 1. versus 1.0 and .1 versus 0.1 is stupid -- even if
> we don't consider "the new space operator" implications!!!!!! It really
> makes it hard to spot the odd decimal value when you're not expecting it
> there.
> That's mainly an American invention. In Europe, in most countries, you
> couldn't ever write .1 without everybody shouting typo!
> Had D been invented in Europe, .1 would never have crossed anybodys mind.
> After several decades, I'm still uncomfortable when anybody writes .1, be it
> in programming or on street billboards.

For what it's worth, I'm American and have neither seen the 'one-sided
floating-point number' used in public nor am I comfortable with it
being in a programming language.  It just doesn't look right.

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