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Jason House at
Thu May 28 16:09:19 PDT 2009

Bartosz Milewski Wrote:

> Leandro Lucarella Wrote:
> > BCS, el 28 de mayo a las 15:57 me escribiste:
> > 
> > Maybe, I'm just saying why I don't comment on D2 concurrency model. I find
> > it too complex for my needs (i.e. for what I know, I won't give my opinion
> > about things I don't know/use).
> > 
> Probably the majority of users either don't use multithreading (yet) or use it only for very simple tasks. My stated goal is not to force such users to learn the whole race-free type system. In most cases things "just work" by default, and the compiler catches any accidental race conditions. 

My hobby project is a multi-threaded game-playing AI. My current scheme uses a shared search tree using lockless updates with search results. Besides general ability to use your scheme for what I've already done, I'm also interested in how to overhaul the garbage collector and implementing lockless hashtables (see high-scale-lib on

I was interested in doing some of that infrastructure and contributing, but so far I've had no luck getting something as simple as a weak references into druntime :(
> The complex part is for library writers who have very demanding needs. Unfortunately, I have to describe the whole shebang in my blog, otherwise people won't believe that the system is workable and that it satisfies their high expectations. 

Yeah, I'm waiting for more details like which fences are introduced by the lockless SC requirements. The high-scale-lib is virtually fence free.
> I should probably write a simple tutorial that would show how to use my system for simple tasks. 

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