Low dimensional matrices, vectors, quaternions and a cubic equation

Eric Poggel dnewsgroup at yage3d.net
Mon Apr 19 12:28:03 PDT 2010

On 4/19/2010 7:36 AM, #ponce wrote:
> Maybe merging the good ideas of OMG, Yage, your code, etc... (and sorting out licences "problems")... would lead to a better low-dimensionnal math package class.

I'm willing to re-license any of Yage's math library under whatever 
terms are necessary for inclusion in D's standard library, even if only 
bits and pieces are borrowed.


The Matrix and Quaternion classes would be better if they were 
templated, but there's a Vector class that's templated on both type and 
number of parameters.  In its design I tried to lean toward 
immutability, so you have methods like .toRotationMatrix() instead of 
matrix.setFromRotationAxis(Vector axis).  If nothing from Yage is used I 
hope to at least encourage this type of design.

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