Studying the DMD front-end and contributing to similar projects?

Aziz K. aziz.koeksal at
Sun May 2 13:10:15 PDT 2010

Walter Bright wrote:
> I use the compiler source in my Compiler Construction Seminar  
> ( So yes, you are free to study the code,  
> learn from it, apply the techniques in your own projects, and contribute  
> to other projects under a different license.

Great. Thanks for clarifying this. That puts my mind at ease. :)

> All I ask is that you do not copy the actual source code code without a  
> license from Digital Mars or unless the copy is under the GPL.

Okay. I don't wish to copy any code anyway. Just want to study the  
front-end to understand the language better.

> In particular, I am not requiring anyone to do a clean room  
> implementation. My often stated ideas about 'taint' are simply an easy  
> way to protect myself (and Digital Mars) against frivolous lawsuits, I  
> have no intention of applying them in reverse.

That sounds reasonable.

Thanks again. ;)

Dil D compiler:

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