Improving Compiler Error Messages

Leandro Lucarella llucax at
Sun May 2 20:07:24 PDT 2010

Walter Bright, el  2 de mayo a las 16:27 me escribiste:
> What Python did was use a linefeed as the statement terminator
> rather than the ;. Python does not attempt to infer where they
> should go. The redundancy is still there.
> Javascript is fundamentally different in that it attempts to infer
> the statement terminator.
> So why does D have ; as a statement terminator? The simple answer is
> because D is intended to have a low barrier for entry for C, C++,
> etc., programmers. The familiar look & feel makes the new language
> less intimidating. A personal answer is that I simply like it.

You can put ; at the end of statements in Python too. You could follow
that route in D too, and new people coming from C could type all the
(optional) ; they want and feel at home.

So I think the only making sense here, is that you personally like it.

Well, to be complete, there is another catch when using \n as
a terminator, you have to add a continuation character to span
a statemente in multiple lines (or be smart as Python does when you have
a non-closed parethesis, or Ruby and Go do with ending operators).

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