Phobos Proposal: replace std.xml with kxml.

Bernard Helyer b.helyer at
Mon May 3 14:18:46 PDT 2010

When I first started using D, one of the things I needed quite early on 
was a way of writing and reading XML. Naturally, when I saw std.xml in 
Phobos, I was quite pleased.

That was of course, until I started to use it.

I vented my frustation on IRC, where opticron mentioned he had an XML 
library of his own. I find it superior to std.xml, especially 
considering how it actually works, and is maintained.

It is already under the Boost License, and opticron has said

"<opticron> ... if they really want to snag mine and clean it up for use 
in phobos, that's fine
<opticron> I'd even relicense the code if I have to"

I'm going to keep on using kxml regardless, but I thought it would be 
nice if Phobos had a working XML library. What say you?


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