What is D?

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Hello retard, are you still conducting your "social experiment" in this  

I thought that you had given up!

On Sat, 08 May 2010 01:17:55 -0500, GirlProgrammer  
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> D is an exercise in futility.
> D is melanoma.
> D is melodrama.
> D is a waste of time and effort.
> D is vindication for Tom Pretty and the Hearttakers.
> D is a crime against humanity.
> D is the cause of cancer.
> D is a cult.
> D is a monument to stupidity.
> D is bad.
> D is college.
> D is snakeoil.
> D is "the devil".
> D is one of the world's most costly research projects.
> D is un/dis-managed.
> D is the cause of crop loss globally but mostly because it is directlly
> the cause of global warming.
> D is masturbation.
> D is what you get when a back-end compiler developer goes into hair
> design.
> D is a charitable fund for Walter Bright.
> D is "Viet Nam".
> D is a reason to cry.
> D is a result.
> D is C++ gone bad.
> D is handprints in kindergarten and so should be recognized as above any
> presidency.
> D is rebellion.
> D is afraid.
> D is uknowing.
> D is hiding your head in the sand.
> D is "touche!".
> D is perpetual adolescence.
> D is "the living dead".
> D is pathetic.
> D is a cashcow.
> D is a bad grade in school.
> D is a book.
> D wants to die but can't.
> D is all of the above.
> What is D?

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