Spellechecker - is this really fun?

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at gmail.com
Sun May 9 07:11:00 PDT 2010

Eldar Insafutdinov wrote:

> I've just downloaded the latest dmd2, and it hangs. I believe that's due
> to recently introduced spell-checker. There are many design problems in D
> and countless bugs in the compiler. Why even bother spending time on this
> particular feature? Not only its usefulness is dubious, but it causes more
> harm than it's worth. Which position is it on the priority list(if there
> is such a list) and why?

It's definitely useful, and I haven't had any problems with. It's already 
helped me track down bugs faster.

You can look at the whole "Improving Compiler Error Messages" thread for 
more details. Walter's article on it is 

Now, if there are bugs with it, they certainly need to be fixed, but I've 
had no problems with it, and I think that it's a great improvement - 
especially if it didn't take very long to implement.

- Jonathan M Davis

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