public import and bugs it causes

Alex Makhotin alex at
Fri May 14 18:19:38 PDT 2010

Walter Bright wrote:
> You can import only those names you wish. See static imports, renamed 
> imports and selective imports in 

OK, 'static import' combination seems to force use of fully qualified 
name. Requires a lot of typing of the fully names for imported classes.
A lot of typing only for the sake of one global variable.

The renamed import also requires countless typing using the renamed prefix.

The specific imports require me to select what to import(again all the 
work on me, not the tool I use). Oh no. Every time I desire to use some 
member of the import I type 'import module : memberiwant'.

As far as I know the C# hasn't such complications, why should D?

Alex Makhotin,
the founder of BITPROX,

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