Building subprojects (Re: envy for "Writing Go Packages")

Philippe Sigaud philippe.sigaud at
Sun May 16 00:12:58 PDT 2010

On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 06:13, Graham Fawcett <fawcett at> wrote:

> 'trunk/dranges' would be fine -- keeping 'trunk' makes good sense for
> a Subversion project. For my purposes, any depth is okay, e.g.
> 'trunk/src/lang/d2/dranges' would also work. The key is that modules
> which belong to the 'dranges' package should exist in a 'dranges'
> directory.

OK. I admit switching to a package.module naming convention quite recently
(a month or so), so it's still a bit incomplete.
I should have done that.

> What I'm doing is adding the parent of the 'dranges' directory to
> dmd's include-path. Then I just let DMD look up the module files using
> its own conventions (e.g. DMD expects that a module named
> will be defined in a file named foo/bar/baz.d). That's why I renamed
> trunk to dranges: it was the easiest way to honour the DMD naming
> convention.
OK, got it. I'll add a dranges directory inside trunk today. And add a
dranges dir in the downloadable .zip.That'a another alternative you have:
look inside /download if there is something to get.

I'm following your project with interest, as  that'd be cool to have an
easy-to-use tool to grap projects. I use dstats from time to time and just
dumped the files into my own project file, but a command-line tool is

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