Does D suck?

GirlProgrammer angelinastyle at
Mon May 17 15:20:47 PDT 2010

dsimcha wrote:
> == Quote from GirlProgrammer (angelinastyle at's
> article
>> If D doesn't suck, and is better than C++ why am I not using it?
>> Indeed, why isn't hardly anyone using it?
> Same reasons why people use any old, crufty legacy technology:
> Inertia and a lack of maturity in the successor technology relative
> to the legacy technology.
> Right new, D is dominated by early adopters who, for whatever reason,
> can afford to be on the bleeding edge.

For TWENTY YEARS??? Early adopters?? Something is awry.

> In my case, it's because I
> write bioinformatics research code, which has the following
> characteristics:
> 1.  Development speed and execution speed both matter a lot.  (Some
> bioinformatics programming can be done in slower scripting languages,
> but I gravitate towards more computationally intensive areas.)
> 2.  There's no C++ legacy code that I need to be tightly coupled with.
> 3.  I only need a few basic libraries, one of which (statistics) I
> wrote myself. Admittedly, it would be nice to have a good matrix
> library, too, but C and C++ matrix libraries seem to have ugly APIs
> and I only do matrix calculations infrequently.  When I do, I just
> use R or roll my own ad-hoc matrix code, which sometimes (for example
> the linear regression module I wrote) ends up being more efficient
> because it can target my specific use case, rather than being written
> for the general case.

So your answer is then: "niche market". (To which I'd be curious to see 
history of production code, but then people would start calling me a 
troll again). 

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