Please, don't feed the troll (was "Does D Suck?")

superdan super at
Tue May 18 06:26:01 PDT 2010

== Quote from Don (nospam at's article
> superdan wrote:
> > == Quote from Bernard Helyer (b.helyer at's article
> >> On 17/05/10 17:17, GirlProgrammer wrote:
> >>> If D doesn't suck, and is better than C++ why am I not using it? Indeed,
> >>> why isn't hardly anyone using it?
> >> I imagine you get some dull pleasure from posting essentially the same
> >> message to the NG every few months or so (this is almost certainly the
> >> person behind the 'is d a cult' thread a few months ago, and ios the
> >> same person behind 'what is d' from a few weeks) so until
> >> GirlProgrammer/Jane Doe/Janis D/angelinastyle contributes a question
> >> beyond the same simple troll, 'she' is not worth responding to, so I'd
> >> just like to take this opportunity to remind the NG of the content 'she'
> >> has previously posted, and reconsider in replying to 'her' accordingly.
> >> Just a friendly PSA.  n_n
> >> PS: It's nice to see that you've updated your XP install since your last
> >> message!
> >
> > yeah dun feed da troll. ass to mouth da troll. too bad that ain't gonna be
> > pleasant. cocksucka as girlprogrammer is it ain't no broad. its a punk-ass
> > motherfucker posing as chick 2 give a twist to his lame life. shit.
> I assumed 'GirlProgrammer' was analagous to 'EpromProgrammer' or
> 'WindowsProgrammer', ie, he tries to program girls.

good 1!

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