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Sean Kelly wrote:
> retard Wrote:
>> What is more interesting is that the majority of D users already use D2, 
>> which has a huge list of bugs. It just tells that most D users don't use 
>> D in serious / mission critical / money bringing projects, but instead as 
>> a hobby. 
> I've yet to use a compiler that had zero bugs I needed to consider
> when writing code. What's more important to me is that the bugs that
> do exist shouldn't unduly inconvenience me, nor should they hurt my
> ability to easily move to a newer compiler later.  VC6 was terrible
> in this respect--it crashed constantly, and so badly supported the
> language spec that I had to purposefully write screwed up code just
> so it would compile.  Moving to VC7 took a lot of rewriting.
> Assuming there are no sufficiently annoying bugs in DMD2 I'd rather
> work with the latest language spec to make my app more maintainable
> over time.  In a work environment, I think it's more important that a
> compiler be supported than that it be bug-free.

Well I'm still using 2.028. Every version I've tried since has had a
compiler bug that's been a show stopper. However I'm in no major rush,
there's enough momentum in progress for me to be confidant that it will
work eventually.

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